Come Create the Future You Want for YOU!

The December RENEW Women’s Retreat will focus on YOU Being YOU! What do YOU want to create in your life for 2017! During this retreat we will take the Passion Test process to the next level. If your new witth us, we will get you your top 5 passions, for what you want to create in your life for 2018. 

Then we will all take it to the next level and move into creating our Work or Business Passion. 

We will then create our Vision for the Future; 10 – 5 – 2 years from now. 

Next we will create an Action Plan for 2018 to guide you to create the future you really want, one step at a time. 

NOW, what is it that holds you back from acheiving all that you desire?


…othewise known as FEARS

Come See What’s New, this year…

We’ll take that into Vision Boarding, and other tools to help you stay on track. 

Create support systems to help you follow through with the Power of 8!

AND Experience the  Metta Meditation Center, and the beautiful serene surroundings of the facility.

Join us for the third annual experience and RENEW YOU for 2019!

December 3-5, 2019, Metta Meditation Center, Janesville, Minnesota

A focus on YOU – register here.