Renew Community Schedule

Know that this schedule is always subject to changes, even last minute changes. We post it here so you get a general idea of what the weekend will look like.

Friday –          12pm to 1pm:           Registration/Check In/Technology Check

1pm to 2pm:               Introductions opening of Gift Boxes, Review Schedule &  Logistics

2pm to 5pm:             “Rebuild Your Future with Confidence” – LuAnn B

5pm to 6pm:             “It’s time you said Yes to Success” – Debra Poneman, Transformational Leadership Council

6pm to 7pm:   Dinner in Pods everyone bring a dish & story to share

7pm to 9pm:   Share your favorite recipes and get to know each other (optional)

Saturday –     8:30am to 9:00am:   Breakfast with Pod optional

9am to 10am:     Meditation/Healing (Pod or Zoom)

10am to 11am: Group Exercise/Activity – Sitting for Guidance

11am to 12pm: Discovering Self-Care that Enhances Your Well-being – Rachelle Niemann

12pm to 1pm:     Walking Lunch

1pm to 2pm:   Exercise/Activity/2-30 minute Ted like talks

1pm to 2pm:      Why your digital footprint matters Now More Than Ever – Beth Riegger

2pm to 3pm:   Laser Coaching opt in breakout rooms

3pm to 4pm:   Stress Free Living Interactive Presentation  – Jorrie Johnson

4:00pm to 4:30pm:   Open/Offering

4:30pm to 5:00pm:  Chalk Couture Activity – Beth Riegger

5pm to 6pm:   Wine Tasting and Dinner Prep – Denise Stegall, Living Healthy List

6pm to 8pm:   Dinner – Pod Team Building w/Amazing Recipes from LHL

8pm to 9pm:  Manifestation in a Pandemic: Yes You Can – Succeed Anyway. Heather Peterson, Owner of Femme Farm, Traditional Fire Ceremony.

Sunday –        9am to 10am:   Breakfast with Pod (optional)

10am to 11am: Meditation/Healing or Yoga

11am to 12pm: Bringing it all together/Closing Circle/ What Action will you take…Closing Comments/Evaluation